About the breed


A lot of beautiful articles are written about Sphynx cats;
they all send a clear message:
Sphynx cats- are not a cat!
Even in the Sphynx Cat breed standard there is section describing their personality:
"Sphynx - is a little kitten, little puppy, little monkey and little child in one hot bald little body" (from the French standard).

The Sphynx personality is very unique. They are extremely affectionate, sweet-tempered and will thrive in a house filled with people and other pets. The most distinctive feature of the Sphynx cat is its appearance of hairlessness.

Available Kittens

Name: Puma


Breed: Elf

Status: sold

Sex: Female

Color: Blue

Adoption Fee: $2000


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Any information shared in the Reservation form is completely confidential. Acquiring a new furry family member is a very important stage in your life. It is also very important to Cosmic Sphynx Cattery, that our graduates will have a long, healthy and loving life, therefor new parents are being selected carefully