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Welcome to Cosmic Sphynx
We are a small cattery located in Lockport, Illinois, 60441
If you are looking for a truly wonderful pet unlike any other available, look no further. A Cosmic Sphynx kitten is for you.

Our cats are of the very best champion bloodlines and show good quality and conformation. They are born from parents of the best bloodlines of Europe, USA and Canada.

I have been active within the Sphynx breed and community since 2010. I breed for quality, not quantity, and only have a few litters each year. I continue to keep in touch with many of the wonderful families that have adopted my Sphynx over the years.

All of our Sphynx cats are raised in a loving home with dogs and are excellent pets for you and your family. We pride ourselves in raising the best pet Sphynx for you, that are well socialized and receive lots of love and attention from day one.
All of our cats and kittens are fed a Premium diet of advance dry and wet food. All kittens adopted from Cosmic Sphynx Cattery come with current vaccinations, deworming, written sales contract, one year health guarantee, health record, and 30 days of free pet insurance for your kitten.

Only best healthy blood line...
Quality over Quantity

1. Cosmic Sphynx cattery is enclosed, meaning we will not use cats from other catteries for animal breeding and will not offer Sire service to other breeders.

2. Our cats(producers) are all tested for Felv/Fiv/HW and other genetic diseases such as: Porphyria, Autoimmune Lymphoproliferative Syndrome, Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, Cystinuria , Dihydropyrimidinase Deficiency, PKD, Gangliosidosis , Hemophilia and many others in concatenation of 50 diseases, to produce genetically sound kittens.

3. Our Queens deliver 1-2 times per year that ensures their recovery time and overall health as kittens and as the mother.

4. We choose only best European quality animals with stable psychological state for our selective breeding.

5. We do not keep animals in cages. We live in a house and our Sphynx are full members of the family and have constant contact with peoples, children and other pets, which is important for the socialization of Sphynx kittens.

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